Tyler Kaban:  Cold Hardiness Screening of Grape Seedlings for the Prairies PDF
  Tyler Kaban:  Grape Breeding for the Prairies: 
       Inheritance of Resveratrol production in hybrid grapes
Harlene Hatterman-Valenti's Presentation at the 2009 Quebec VitiNord Conference PDF
  Petiole Testing Power Point Slides PDF
   Marketing Small Vineyards and Wineries Power Point Slides PDF
   Grape Association Marketing Economic Development Power Point Slides PDF
   Weed Control in Grapes Power Point Slides PDF
Minnesota Grape Growers Association
  Factors Influencing Nitrogen Availability in North Dakota Vineyards PDF Chart
  Grape Fertilizer PDF Chart
University of California Viticulture 
North Dakota Grape Grower Locations (PDF) 
   Wine Information Site: Grape Varieties
   2006 MGGA Grape Research Program
   Cold Hardy Grapes, University of Minnesota
   Super gigantic winegrape glossary
   The Mid-Atlantic Winegrape Grower’s Guide 
   The Swenson Grape Preservation Project
   South Dakota State University Grape Program 
   Considerations for Starting a Winery (PDF)
   USDA ARS Grape Catalog (PDF)