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North Dakota has another new winery!  Click on the Wineries tab above to see where it is.

The North Dakota Tourism Department's new Beer and Wine Trail brochure is now available at http://www.ndtourism.com/sites/default/master/files/pdf/Beerwinetour2.pdf

Tony Nasello's lively discussion of North Dakota wines on Channel 11 can be seen by clicking here


Amateur Red Grape - Dancing Loons Vineyard
Amateur White Grape - Mark and Nancy Lunde (People's Choice Co-Winner)
Amateur Other Grape - Shirley Opdahl and Opie (People's Choice Co-Winner)
Amateur Non-Grape -  Rodney Opdahl and Opie
Commercial Red Grape - Tongue River Winery (People's Choice Co-Winner)
Commercial Other Grape - Dakota Sun Gardens (People's Choice Co-Winner)
Commercial Non-Grape - Dakota Sun Gardens

Greg Cook and Bob Thaden's presentation, Winemaking for Beginners, is now available online.  It is a huge file, so be patient.

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North Dakota agriculture commissioner selects 6 people for Grape and Wine Advisory Committee
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North Dakota vineyard locations registered with the ND Department of Agriculture can be found by clicking here.  

With the assistance and input from a lot of people, the Strategic Vision and Direction for North Dakota's Grape and Wine Industry has been completed.  The document was approved unanimously by the ND Grape & Wine Program Committee on Dec. 5, 2011.  Click here for the full report, or here for the condensed Executive Summary.