NDGGA 2012 Summer Tour

Kittelson Creek Vineyard owner Tom Rongen welcomes the tour participants Marquette harvest at Fertile Vineyard    
High tunnel greenhouse at Fertile Vineyard After lunch, we strolled through the breathtaking gardens at Bergeson Nursery    
Richwood Winery tasting room entrance Laid back California has nothing on Minnesota when it comes to grape harvest    
Perfectly tended rows at Campbell Beach Vineyard Bear Creek Winery owner Rod Ballinger stresses the importance of quality    






Wine and Warbirds and Other 2012 Events

 ND Governor candidate Ryan Taylor stops by Red Trail Vineyard  Stomp, Kathy, stomp!
Cute little bugger.  Until they start devouring grape leaves!  
Future western ND vineyard Opening soon - another ND winery.  Watch for more details


2010 Pics


NDSU Greenhouse - minus 20 deg. F outside, GRAPES growing inside! Jan. 2011

Agria (aka Turan) - an early ripening Hungarian vinifera.  Skins are high in tannins and fruit adds color intensity to red wines.


HH#2 - an ancient male riparia selected by Jacob Belanger near Hawley, MN.

Grape cuttings on darkened heat table to promote root growth prior to shoot growth.


A Frontenac flower cluster being emasculated.  This takes about an hour per cluster.  Pistils will be receptive to pollen in about 24 hours.

Frontenac Gris x Alpenglow about a month after cross pollination.



Swenson Red x Valiant

Zweigeltrebe x HH#2


 Flats of germinating and emerging grape seedlings (selfed MN1131)



Tongue River Winery, Miles City, MT


Wine in lights


  Tongue River Winery tasting room.  Note the vineyard out the windows

NDGGA Past Pres. Greg Krieger and Bob Thaden


Tongue River WInery owners Bob and Marilyn Thaden



NDSU grape variety evaluation program - A portion of the nearly 100 variteies in artificial dormancy in cooler, December 2010

Chardonnay parent vine about to bloom at the NDSU greenhouse, December 2010


Nearly ripe clusters from a cross with the large-fruited, early-maturing Russian vinifera variety Golubek, NDSU Greenhouse, December 2010

Mature seeds from a cross with Frontenac Gris prepared for vernalization so they germinate.  NDSU Greenhouse, December 2010



The very tender (but delicious) variety Swenson Red at Long Shadow Vineyards.  Flower buds survived on the unpruned "soil surface suckers" from 2009.  Those canes were brought up to lower trellis wire the next spring and produced fruit.

The Grape Stomp at Red Trail Vineyard



NDGGA 2010 Summer Tour - Chateau Moravia Vineyard, Bismarck

Mary Ann and Ken Duppong with Chateau Moravia owner Mirek Sumbera






NDGGA VP Mark Vining at Chateau Moravia


NDGGA 2010 Summer Tour at Chateau Moravia


Roc Amadour Vineyard, Mandan


Roc Amadour Vineyard at sunrise



Roc Amadour Vineyard owner Kelly Savage demonstrates propane-powered post driver


2010 NDGGA Summer Tour - Getting sack lunches before reboarding the buses.



NDGGA Pres. Krieger presents rooted cuttings of the extremely hardy and early-maturing grape variety, Baltica, to Brother Michael at Assumption Abbey, Richardton during the 2010 Summer Vineyard Tour


Stained glass window at the "Cathedral of the Prairie", Assumption Abbey




2010 NDGGA Summer Tour wine tasting at Haymarsh Valley Vineyards


Supper on the NDGGA 2010 Summer Tour.  Note vineyard in background



Haymarsh Valley Vineyards, Glen Ullin


Haymarsh Valley Vineyards





Haymarsh Valley.  The vineyards are behind and to the right of the farmstead


Ripening clusters of Valiant at Haymarsh Valley Vineyards



Haymarsh Valley Vineyards with the historic St. Vincent's Church in the background